Episode 54 – How Mark McGuinness Writes

Welcome to Episode 54 – How Mark McGuinness Writes

So before we kick off this week’s episode, I want to give a quick update on HappyWriter. This last week, if you attended my live workshop on how to 3x your writing output in 2021, you’ll know I introduced the evolution of HappyWriter. Like any new project, we’ve been building and listening and seeing what works and what needs to be tweaked. So, I have a couple changes that I want to quickly announce.

First one is that HappyWriter is now entirely focused on helping fiction writers get their book finished. Everything we build and offer is in the service of that goal. To do that, we are launching our core curriculum, which is a nine-part class on how to build a monster writing process to guarantee you get your book done. The second big change is we now have writing workshops for every single member to exchange work with similar genre and experience level writers. You can get feedback on your work, make some writing friends, and build accountability. The last change is that we are only offering membership to HappyWriter on a yearly-basis. Why? We want to build a community of writers who are obsessed with getting books finished and published, and knowing we’ll all be able to learn and grow together for a year is awesome. It builds community and relationships, and in a way, signing up for a year is a commitment to getting your book done.

Of course, we still have all of the online courses and live events and author masterclasses and community and live coaching calls. I am so insanely proud. HappyWriter is what I wish I had as I learned to write and before I went to get my MFA.

So, if you want to get a book done, HappyWriter is the place for you. Full stop. To join, head on over to HowWritersWrite.com.

Okay, episode 54 with Mark McGuinness. Interviewing Mark felt like interviewing a creative sage. Mark is a creativity coach for artists and performers, but he is also a poet. This is a guy who really understands what it takes to use our creativity, and I think you’ll find Mark answers my questions is such unpredictable and powerful ways. Mark is a gracious guest and I kid you not this interview went by in a snap for me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

Thank you again to Mark for his time. And now, without any further ado, here is the interview with Mark McGuinness.

Mark McGuinness Creative Coach Website:  https://lateralaction.com/articles/21-years-creative-coach/
Mark McGuinness Podcast: https://lateralaction.com/21stcenturycreative

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