May 28th, 2020 @ 8 pm ET

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What if I told you that in order to GET THAT BOOK DONE, all you need are three tools to create your perfect writing routine?

In this FREE workshop, I’ll show you everything you need to create the best writing of your life so you can TELL YOUR STORY. If you follow these steps I GUARANTEE you will consistently produce more pages and better writing. 


What you will learn: 

  • Why a writing routine is THE key to writing a book 
  • Why being published, quitting your job, making lots of money and writing full time is THE WRONG GOAL
  • Why you are too busy to NOT have a routine
  • Q&A Session

Hi, I'm Brian!

I began writing 8 years ago while working a corporate job in the Tech industry. My career took me to a Fortune 50 company in NYC and I earned an MFA in creative writing from NYU at the same time (I do not recommend overlapping those two things!) But guess what? Even after the hustle of getting my degree was over, and armed with high-level organization skills, I still struggled to find the time and energy to write consistently the way I imagined.  

I was in the throes of juggling the demands of my job, traveling for work, and a family with young kids when I had a complete breakthrough and created the best writing routine of my life.  

Through my business How Writers Write I’ve interviewed over 50 world-class authors (including NYT & Amazon Best-Sellers, National Book Award Winners, and just about every other award) with an obsession to understand what makes them tick. Now, for the first time ever, I’ll share what I’ve learned along my journey in this FREE workshop 

What people are saying about HWW

My coaching with Brian has been absolutely indispensable. Every single session leaves me feeling more clear, more energized, challenged in new ways, and ultimately more confident. He   sees blindspots that I’ve missed even under my own continuous and rigorous self-examination. He poses questions and makes observations that cut straight to the point, surgical in precision and effectiveness. And he challenges me in ways that push me beyond the bounds that I would ever go myself (and I say this as someone dedicated to continuously pushing myself outside of comfort zones).  Finally, he provides me with incredibly valuable exercises that move me forward both pragmatically in action as well as maturing my thinking at-large.  On more than one occasion I’ve thought, “How did he get so damn good at this?!”

- Joe Z
Brian, you were 100% present to me. You listened and spoke back my dilemmas and concerns in language that helped me get clear on what I felt was standing in my way. You asked pointed questions and was patient as I waited for the answers to rise up. You led me through an exercise that helped me gain perspective on my process and that incorporated doing some visual work which I loved. You left me with actions to take and made yourself available for me to follow-up with you and you were super supportive when I did.
- Pamela

After my call, I felt motivated to explore more intentionally the factors I needed (both intrinsically and extrinsically) to induce an environment of creative inspiration for my writing process. I also was given a layout that broke down my goals into manageable and achievable steps to help create a skeletal structure that was not too restrictive on my creative process but allowed for some form of path to meander on.

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