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Coaching is a vehicle to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching is not therapy. In coaching, we do not go backward in time to examine trauma; instead, coaching is hyper-focused on moving you towards your goals.


As a coach to writers, I focus on coaching the writer’s entire life. Often, to accomplish a writing goal, the writer must destroy a limiting belief. Sometimes—maybe even oftentimes—writing breakthroughs comes in the realignment of our “inner game.”

Coaching creates a powerful conversation that connects you to your inner truth. Think of coaching as a personal trainer for your dreams, someone who helps align your inner goals, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with your external world. Because a coach is a one-way relationship, it is unlike any other relationship. Expect life-changing results.

I work with world-class writers who are operating at a mediocre level.

Who is coaching for?

 I already believe you are world-class. I believe you have a story to tell, you have an adventure inside of you. 


Coaching is not just for athletes and business executives. Writers oftentimes take on a lonely task—sitting a desk for hours each day, sometimes not even showing work to another soul for years! A coach is a supplement for the writer, able to help the writer stay aligned on her goals.

This field, while prevalent in business and sports, is almost entirely absent from the writing community. I founded How Writers Write to fill this need and provide world-class coaching to writers across the world.


Coaching may be right for you if you want to:

  • Set and accomplish your writing goal
  • Stop making excuses for why you haven’t achieved your writing goals
  • Learn fundamental writing skills
  • Develop, implement, and execute against a plan
  • Make BIG changes in your life
  • Hear feedback on your work
  • Learn new techniques and tips to push your writing forward
  • Invest in your growth and development
  • Practice accountability with an unbiased, focused writer/coach

Brian’s Approach 

My coaching style is focused on the entire person. I will invite you to examine all parts of your life, including your beliefs, values, life mission, and goals, and then we will create a coaching arrangement to focus on what you want to improve. For some people, that may be a big writing accomplishment. For others, it could be their relationship with their spouse. Each person is different, which is why there is a defined, focused process.



Brian’s Coaching Process

We start with a free, 45-minute introduction call. This call should answer whether coaching is right for you. This is a no-obligation call, and you can schedule it directly with the calendar below.

Our formal coaching journey begins with a 2-hour discovery session by Zoom, phone, or in-person. This is a deep dive into your life, where we design our coaching relationship and goals. It’s a chance for me to get to understand your life and where you want to be, as well as what has stood in your way.


What are the coaching sessions like?

Each session starts with checking in on your progress, experiences, and growth since we last connected. And then we’ll decide which topic to dive into. You will always drive what it is you want to discuss. It can be anything, though generally, it is a new problem, challenge, or thought that has arisen on your journey. You’ll share your incredible progress, and I will listen and ask questions to shine a light on parts of your heart, soul, or mind. Through it all, we’ll move forward toward your goal. In the last minutes of our call, I’ll leave you with 2-3 pieces of “homework.” These are specific tasks for you to work on in between our coaching calls.


What is the investment?

First, the investment is in your dreams and goals, not in me. This investment is monetary as well as your time and energy. Growth means investment and commitment. By entering into a coaching agreement, you commit to yourself and your goals. You commit to the sessions, to showing up to each session, doing the work, and taking responsibility for your progress. You are committing to transformation. Sometimes radical transformation!


Coaching packages are priced monthly at $149/session. Most clients decide to meet once or twice per month.


I understand everyone’s financial situation is different. One of my life’s missions is to help writers tell their story. If you cannot afford the above fees, please reach out and we will work something out together.

If for whatever reason you are not thrilled with our coaching relationship, you may cancel and I will refund 100% of your investment.

take THE FIRST STEP and Schedule a free introduction call

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Frequently Asked Questions

I work with world-class writers who operate at a mediocre level. As a coach, I help my clients achieve their goals and dreams. A typical coaching session can be working through a plan to accomplish a goal, dealing with strong feelings, limiting beliefs, or balancing perspectives. Coaching is all about moving forward and achieving results!

No. Therapy helps people heal from trauma in their past. Coaching helps people maximize their lives in the present. As a coach, I believe you are naturally resourceful, creative, and whole, which means I help my clients find the answers that are already inside of them, instead of offering my opinion or expertise. My job as a coach is to help unlock their inner voice so that my clients live as their actualized and complete self in the present.

No. I am a coach for writers, meaning that I work with writers who need help achieving a goal, breaking out of a funk, getting started, or getting ahead. I am a whole-person coach, meaning that while I work with writers, I coach writers on their entire life. We will more-than-likely discuss your work, and I am available to help brainstorm how to achieve your goals, but I am not a manuscript consultant or a coach to help you in the publishing process.

Yes! I have been trained by the world’s largest in-person coaching training organization (Co-Active Training Institute). I have completed over 100 hours of training and will continue to train with CTI through the ICF and CTI certification process.

I charge a flat $149/session. Most of my clients choose to meet either once or twice per month.

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