Writers aren't born.

they're made.

we serve writers who want to produce new results

How Writers Write was designed to help people, who want to write. Regardless of where you are on your writer’s journey, we can supplement blind spots and help you work through the most common obstacles to writing. As the writer, you supply the raw materials: grit, intelligence, burning passion, motivation, and soul. We help you hone your focus, rediscover your energy, and improve your writing habits. The results? Nothing short of incredible.

Our online writing programs are designed to:​

  • Support and assist writers at various stages of their journey with a plethora of free content and tools or one-on-one coaching
  • Provide writers with investment opportunities across situations
  • Deliver the highest quality content and community support. Our creative writing classes don’t just teach you the basics: our programs are designed to build new habits and help you develop creative processes that support your writing life.

A writer’s journey is anything but linear. We offer a range of different options, some of which may not be suitable for you. Check out our programs below to see what works for you.

Ways to engage

At How Writers Write, our goal is to help as many writers as possible, which is why we believe in making as much of content free as possible. Our free content library is constantly growing, from our weekly Podcast  to the database of Inspiring Author Content. All of them: absolutely free.

21-Day MFA

The 21-Day MFA is a series of hyper-focused programs designed to teach writers one key area in a 21-day timeframe, such as: 

  1. Build a Prolific Writing Routine
  2. Conquer Self-Doubt (coming May 2020)
  3. Write Your Fears (coming May 2020)

Group classes are a fantastic way to grow as a writer in a supportive community. Offered in a small, online setting, they provide you with guidance and create a safe, accountable environment to meet like-minded writers and develop your skill together.

Our one-on-one writing coaching focuses on your unique individual needs, the challenges you face as a writer and your particular stage in your writing journey. During the coaching sessions, we will focus on one or two core issues and develop a plan to drive accountability. This is our most intense writing development plan and as such is only recommended for experienced writers.

We focus on building and strengthening the inner game of writers

Seven key areas of development

Our mission is to help you love your writing! Writing is about telling your story, regardless of whether it hits the NYT bestseller list. We believe that a writer’s productivity hinges on seven key development areas that could make or break your practice.


The strength to do your work, even when you don’t really feel like it.


Opening your heart and mind to inspiration


Building the right muscles so you do your work when it is time.


Setting realistic but exciting goals to guide your writing practice.


Building the “how-to” of writing: plot, character, prose, dialogue and more.


Working on stories that produce deep, profound joys for you, the writer.


Managing your physical and mental energy to write each day.

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