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No One Has To Tell You That Plotting A Novel Can Be Really Tricky...

Your plot is the superstructure of your novel. The life blood, the backbone. 

You can have unforgettable characters and a fantastic setting, but your story will ultimately fail if your plot isn’t nailed down.

There’s no doubt about it, plotting is a difficult thing to do…but it doesn’t have to be.

Together We’ll Tap-Into The Treasure Trove Of Your Mind & In FIVE Days Your Plot Will Be Complete

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or you’re just beginning, you’re about to learn (from expert mentors) a skill you can use for life.

For just $1 you’re going to learn how to plot your novel like a best-selling author. 

Yep..less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside This Jam-Packed Flash Writing Challenge…

(That Only Costs 20 Cents Per Day!)

  • What you must do to avoid the “sagging middle” most writers struggle with in their stories
  • The secrets to building irresistible tension in your plot so that readers turn page after page
  • The single most important question you need to be able to answer OR your plot will fall apart 
  • The quickest and easiest methods to building a plot with multiple plot lines…(hint: we’ve got 3 to share.)
  • PLUS–You’ll get an easy-to-implement *daily* action plan that will give you the momentum you need to continue writing

If you’re serious about getting that book written & you’re tired of putting it off. THIS is the place to start. 

Want to see what it is like? Here is the first lesson:


See what other writers have said about this challenge:

Great Challenge! The information taught can carryover to future plots and scenarios like a template.. 👏 Bravo!! Makes me wanting more.. Excited about possibility of other challenges!

You guys were awesome. I loved the lessons and think this has helped me tremendously.

Just THANK YOU, honestly. I’m so impressed that you were all willing to give your time and energy to us this week. I loved the flexible approach to plotting that Tiffany presented and the idea that every writer, every book, every story, will have a different shape, a different approach, a different whatever, and that it’s not only ok but something to be celebrated. Abby’s willingness to share her process on camera like that was so beautiful to watch– I would have been so scared to have that kind of attention on my WIP, and I’m really inspired to be more vulnerable creatively and put myself out there now after watching her. And Brian is totally channeling me at the end of each of these videos– “Wow, my mind is spinning!”– Same, Brian. Same. Such good stuff. The love you have for this work just shines through. We need so much more of that in the world.

Brian, I want to commend you on your Challenge. Unlike many webinars, you did not dangle the promise of information to participants which would only be provided once you joined their class, seminar, groups, or whatever. You provided useful, practical information that shows your integrity, and I wish you success in your HappyWriter community. Tiffany’s presentations were well presented, and having Abby work on the day’s assignment was an intriguing addition to the lessons.

Although the sessions were recorded, they seemed like they were live. I felt like I was sitting in a fun, relaxed conference room where I was learning exactly what I wanted to.

I really appreciate what you all have done for the writing community! The overall setup and layout of this challenge was great and fairly easy to navigate, the announcements through both Facebook and e-mail were helpful, and the community aspect was great to follow. Everything was explained well! I like how interactive this challenge is and I’m certainly going to be utilising this process in future projects.

Imagine Having A SOLID Plot & Being Ready To Write Your Novel In The Next 5 Days...

Wouldn’t that be incredible? No more putting it off!

The best part is that you’ll be getting top-notch instruction for less than the cost of *yet another* long-winded writing book.

You’ll receive 5 days filled with engaging instructional videos and easy-to-digest content from top development editor Tiffany Yates Martin who spent 30 years editing for the likes of the New York Times & Wall Street Journal.

Access to her teaching would easily cost you (at least!) 500x as much.

What's the catch?

No catch! We are offering this course for just $1 to introduce you to our writing education platform, HappyWriter. Inside HappyWriter, creative writers like you come together to support one another, get answers to the questions you can’t Google, learn from experts, participate in challenges, and so much more.

Our hope is that you love HappyWriter so much that you decide to stay and become a member! 

But, if HappyWriter isn’t a fit, you’ll still have a rock-solid plot for only $1! Talk about a win-win!

Join The 5-Day Plot Your Novel Challenge

Meet the instructors

Brian Murphy

Founder and educator

I founded How Writers Write in November of 2019 with one mission: to inspire and empower writers to tell their story.

After interviewing 50+ authors, coaching hundreds of writers, and earning my MFA from NYU, I realized the big keys to helping writers are community, accountability, craft education, personal development, and access to industry professionals. How Writers Write was born out of this realization. It is my life’s mission to serve this generation of writers.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my amazing wife, two perfect daughters, and goldendoodle.

Tiffany Yates-Martin

Developmental Editor

Tiffany Yates Martin has spent nearly thirty years as an editor in the publishing industry, working with major publishers and NYTimes, WaPo, WSJ, and USA Today bestselling, award-winning authors as well as indie and newer writers, and is the author of Intuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing. She’s led workshops and seminars for conferences and writers’ groups across the country and is a frequent contributor to writers’ sites and publications. Under the pen name Phoebe Fox she’s also the author of five published novels. 



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