Episode 51 – How Kim Harrison Writes

Welcome to Episode 51 – How Kim Harrison Writes

This episode is sponsored by… HappyWriter! Of course!

This month we have a stacked content calendar. On top of the already growing library of challenges, courses, and workshops, in November 2020 we have a writing workshop on how to be more productive, a masterclass with Jennifer Probst, and a storytelling spotlight with James Wade, and another storytelling spotlight with Robert Desiderio. As an FYI, a storytelling spotlight is a video series on EXACTLY how an author writes a book, from the initial idea all the way through editing.

You can grab all of this content and join our community of writers for just $39/month. Join us at howwriterswrite.com and I look forward to seeing you in HappyWriter!

Okay, this episode is almost ONE YEAR to the day of when I launched the podcast. This year has been a total blast, and I’m thrilled to have Kim as my guest this week. Kim has so much practical and useful writing information to share. Make sure to check the show notes for a wonderful character tool that she uses to stay organized when she is working with multiple characters and settings.


Thank you to Kim again for her time, and now without any further ado, here is the interview with Kim Harrison.

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