Episode 48 – How Francine Rivers Writes

Welcome to Episode 48 – How Francine Rivers Writes

This episode is sponsored by… HappyWriter! I just completed book coach Amanda Polick’s writing workshop, “what writers can learn from improv.” Amanda who also trained at The Second City’s school of improvisation breaks down how writers can learn from the sketch comic’s approach to receiving and processing feedback. Eeeeek. This writing workshop was an absolute BLAST, and as a compliment, we’re having a live QA with Amanda on Wednesday, October 14th. And now, for just $1, you can join HappyWriter for a week. Take the improv workshop, ask questions in the QA, and dive into the community. Just for a buck. Head over to howwriterswrite.com/podcast to sign up.

To interview Francine Rivers, a pillar of Christian fiction was such a treat. Francine was so gracious with her advice and wisdom she shared with me about the writing life and just life in general. I think you’ll feel her spirit come through in this interview.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Francine again for her time.

And now, without any further ado, here is the interview with Francine Rivers.

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