Episode 44- How Madeleine Roux Writes

Welcome to Episode 44 – How Madeleine Roux Writes

Oftentimes, when I connect with writers, one of the biggest struggles they have is learning how to plot. In fact, many of the authors I’ve interviewed say they want to learn how to be a better plotter. For those of you out there who want to dive into plotting your own novel, like maybe you just need a little extra support and kick in the pants, on September 28th I will be running a FREE challenge with editor-to-the-stars and podcast guest Tiffany Yates-Martin on how, exactly, to plot your novel. This isn’t some intellectual exercise on how to plot. Oh no… this is How Writers Write style, meaning each day Tiffany and I will share a video and assignment in a closed Facebook group of writers. You’re going to learn plotting by plotting, by doing the work, so you will leave at the end of five days with a killer, dynamic, compelling, and thrilling plot. But seriously, Tiffany is the editor for numerous Amazon and NYT bestsellers… this is a chance to learn plotting from the best in the world. For free.

Registration is now open. Visit howwriterswrite.com/plot to enter the challenge.

I loved interviewing Madeleine Roux. Madeleine is a perfect example of how important it is to find your way of creating. Madeleine details how learned the very special and unique way that she has learned how to write, and how it has unlocked better production and more overall happiness.

I want to say a special thank you to Madeline for her time and graciousness.

And now, without any futher ado, here is the interview with Madeleine Roux!

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