Episode 39, Part 2 – How Tiffany Yates Martin Writes

Welcome to Episode 39, Part 2 – How Tiffany Yates Martin Writes

 So last week we had the first part of this interview with Tiffany, where Tiffany and I discussed really like the, building blocks and the fundamentals of what you need to look for when you’re hiring an editor. Tiffany is an absolute, complete total expert in that field. This week’s episode is the second part of the interview, where we talk more about how as writers, we can kind of write as an editor think as an editor and the big things that as an editor, Tiffany sees in writers work, which tends to be the best bang for the buck. So this is a great episode. I am so grateful for Tiffany’s wisdom or advice or 30 years of experience. So one more time, I want to say thank you to Tiffany and without any further ado, here is episode 39 part two. How Tiffany Yates Martin Writes/Edits.
 Thanks so much.


Here’s the link for the guide Tiffany mentions in the interview: http://foxprinteditorial.com/guide/

Here’s the free course about reading and watching analytically: http://foxprinteditorial.com/online-courses/ 

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