Episode 25 – How Luanne rice Writes

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Welcome to Episode 25 – How Luanne Rice Writes


Today’s interview is a special one, but before we get started, I need your help. I am working on a new program called 21-Day MFA Series. The program will teach one MFA-level skill over the course of 21 days… things like “How to Build a Writing Routine” and “How to Plot.” But, I want to make sure this program is 10 times better than any other writing programs out there, so I am asking for input from this amazing community by taking a 2-minute survey. In exchange for your input, I’ll send you a 50% off coupon for any 21-Day MFA course you’d like. Check out www.howwriterswrite.com/21day to be directed to the survey. THANK YOU.


This week’s episode is with Luanne Rice. Luanne and I recorded this episode the day after I left New York for my parents house in Michigan, and meeting with her, talking about writing and her process was like a balm for my soul. I really think it “straightened me out.”


I think you’ll find Luanne is a model for writers. I know I scribbled down notes the entire time we spoke. I felt as if I was learning the entire time, while also feeling as if I had known Luanne all my life.


I cannot wait to share this episode with you. And so without further ado, here is the episode with Luanne Rice.


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