Episode 18 – How Robert Dugoni Writes

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I’ve been a spree of interviewing authors who produce 1-2, sometimes even three books per year, and Robert has been doing just that for years. I love showing that there is more than one way to write, produce, and publish. In this interview with Robert, we dig into his writing habits, routines, and some of the magic that has helped him sell over 5,000,000 books since 2012.


I want to say a special thanks to Robert for his time.


Before we get started, this episode is sponsored by… me! How Writers Write is a platform to help writers tell their story. One way I do that is through one-on-one coaching. I help writers move from where they are, to where they want to be. That can mean getting started on a writing project, conquering their self-doubt, or building the discipline to see their story come to life. I invite you to schedule a free, 45-minute introduction call with me. You’ll be able to determine both if coaching is for you, and if I am the coach you want to work with. Visit www.howwriterswrite.com/coaching to read more and schedule time with me.


And now, here is the interview with Robert Dugoni.

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